So how does having a private GP fit into the NHS?

We all know NHS services are stretched. I work in it, and I can see that it’s getting harder and harder to provide the care we all want. 10 years ago, when I started in general practice I knew my patients, could follow them up and support them through illness, sadness and occasionally happy times. Now, despite trying our hardest, we struggle to keep that really special patient to GP relationship the same.

I never expected to recommend people accessed healthcare privately but now it’s something I talk about every day. Having a GP that knows you, your history, your family story means they can offer you a personalised service and that level of care above the normal.

On top of that being able to access a doctor at a time and place that suits you means you can fit it around your work and your life. It means if you have an urgent problem you can give us a ring and we’ll fit you in. We realise some things can’t wait. We want you to know someone will always answer the phone or get back to you asap.

We would never recommend leaving your NHS GP’s list- the NHS is amazing for so many things are we are lucky to have the safety net that provides.

But sometimes you just need a different level of care at a time that suits you and with someone that knows you.

That’s where we hope Coastal Private GP might be able to help.

So how does having a private GP fit into the NHS?

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