Valuing a doctor patient relationship

Valuing a doctor patient relationship

The relationship between a doctor and their patient has been sacred since time began. It’s a precious moment in time when we share our inner worries and thoughts with a single human. Someone who can listen, advise and keep sacred those feelings without judgement.

I’ve always felt the value of this relationship- it extends past the patient and stretches to their family, friends and carers. It’s a journey through their life, passing by the highs and the lows; the new births, the sickness, the disabilities and the deaths. And the incredible level of trust these patients place into a single person or a team to help guide them through these things.

General practice is the only specialty within medicine that encompasses everything. It’s a speciality that allows one person to walk beside that patient through it all. It’s that precious gift that brought me into general practice and drags me through when the days are tough.

This gift continues in the NHS- this relationship remains just as precious. But some tiny bits of it are drifting away and that’s what’s brought me to Coastal Private GP as a concept. Reigniting that relationship and rebuilding that trust.

Dr Hayley Cousins

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