Medication Policy

Patient’s visiting Coastal Clinic should be aware of the following:

  • If you are on repeat medication, you will be required to undergo a medication review or specific investigations (e.g., blood pressure check or blood test) after a certain amount of time on the repeat medication this will vary according to your condition and whether it is well controlled and this will be necessary in order for you to be able to continue to request and receive repeat
  • If you have an ongoing health condition for which you need regular medication agreed by the doctor or nurse, you can get this by requesting a repeat prescription without the need to consult the doctor or nurse.
  • If you are prescribed a one-off medicine for an infection or single health episode, this is an acute prescription and it will not be available as a repeat prescription. To get it again will involve consulting a doctor or other
  • To prevent any adverse incidents involving medication, and to ensure national medication alerts received from the Central Alerting System are handled quickly and safely, Coastal Private GP and Aesthetics has protocols that must be strictly followed which are designed and operated for your safety at all times. These protocols include a lot of actions that can only be performed by a qualified prescriber who may be consulting with Patients and not available to deal with urgent prescription requests, or queries that prescription clerks are not qualified to
  • If you need regular injections to manage your condition, Coastal Private GP and Aesthetics will usually be able to provide these for you when they are required, although they are likely to be subject to usual prescription charges unless you are exempt and do not pay for your
  • There are a number of simple and quick standard methods of requesting repeat prescriptions and getting repeat medication which are available as Practice information at reception, over the telephone, and on the website of Coastal Private GP and Aesthetics.
  • The computer clinical system will insert an alert in your electronic medical record and the prescription clerks who produce repeat prescriptions will not be able to override this and produce your prescription until the medication review has been carried out or the test results have been received. This can cause a delay in you receiving your repeat medication so it is best to leave enough time when requesting a repeat of your medication so that you are not at risk of running