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A personalised and caring service is at the heart of Coastal Private GP

Welcome to Coastal Private GP

Having worked within NHS general practice for last 10 years Dr Hayley Cousins understands what patients need to build that trusting relationship with their personal GP.

All the clinicians working at Coastal Private GP offer many years of NHS primary care experience and have been handpicked for their patient centred quality care. 

Offering you the appointment flexibility to fit around your lifestyle we can offer remote and face to face appointments – all providing patients with a high-quality service and the time needed to really talk through their concerns.

What can we do to help?
We offer all primary care services for acute and chronic problems to anyone from birth onwards. We understand the local systems, local referral pathways and work closely with other private providers. We offer diagnostics through laboratory investigations and can refer onwards for radiology or more detailed investigations. We can offer both urgent and more routine appointments so you can access what you need at a time that suits you.

Feeling under the weather and wanting a health review?
We offer men’s and women’s wellness screening. This includes a panel of specific tests to highlight underlying problems and risk screen for disease. This is all under the care of your GP who will follow you up and talk you through all your concerns.

Women’s health
All our GPs are experienced in helping women on their menopause journey- from perimenopause queries, through to menopause support and HRT starts or switches. We encourage body identical HRT choices to give the most natural and safest support options.

Thinking you need a specialist opinion?
Being a GP means you hold a wealth of knowledge in the whole host of conditions that primary care can throw up. But we also offer referrals to secondary care colleagues such as orthopaedics or surgery when you need something more than we can provide. These referrals can be made both privately and through the NHS. We also have direct access to MRI, ultrasound and full laboratory investigation.

Qualified Dr

15 yrs in the medical profession

Trained in Harley St

Harley Street Institute

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Local surgery

Based in Warsash, Southampton

The Team



Dr Cousins graduated from Leicester medical school in 2006 into a role in the British Army where she undertook her medical foundation training. Following this she moved into General Practice and has spent the last 8 years as a GP principal at her NHS GP Practice. Dr Cousins thrives on treating the patients holistically and the continuity of care general practice provides. She enjoys the whole of general practice including mental health and women’s health. When not being a GP she enjoys gardening and taking her dog, Patch, out on runs.

GMC: 614 3873

Dr Ailsa Maguire


Dr Maguire graduated from medical school in 1989 and moved into general practice in 1996. She has been a local GP partner since 2000 and more recently lead partner in Fareham. Having spent 20 years in general practice she has developed a wealth of experience in dealing with both acute and chronic health needs. As well as general medicine Dr Maguire has a special interest in women’s health, contraception and her real passion lies in healing women through the menopause. When not working Dr Maguire loves to travel and has spent time living in France. She can also be seen at her local tennis club or out on her bike.

GMC: 3326349

Dr Shu Li Tan


Dr Tan graduated from Cardiff University in 2010 and did her foundation training in Wales. She did core medical training and completed her general practice training in 2017. She is a GP principle at her NHS GP practice. She also works with the GP education team and is a GP trainer. Dr Tan enjoys all aspects of general practice, providing holistic and continuous care tailored to individual needs. In her spare time she enjoys picking up new skills and hobbies when not at work. Her current interests include gardening, painting, travelling and badminton. 

GMC: 7082068

Dr Jenny Vanner


Dr Vanner completed her medical degree at Southampton University back in 2009 and subsequently qualified as a GP in 2015. She works at a very busy GP practice as a Partner. “I love that in General Practice you never know what will present through the door next. I enjoy seeing every type of patient but I chose to do an extra diploma in child health and more recently have undertaken extra training to use a Dermatoscope to help diagnose skin cancers and lesions. In my spare time I have two amazing children that keep me busy and a dog! I also enjoy baking birthday cakes , exercise and more recently a bit of gardening.”

GMC: 7042602

Jessica Davidson

Registered Nurse

Jessica finished her post graduate diploma in nursing in 2007 from Southampton University. She started work in intensive care before moving to practice nursing in 2015, undertaking her practice nurse course at Bournemouth University. She has an interest in skin and women’s health and has joined the Coastal Team offering aesthetics, women’s health and practice nursing. In her spare time she enjoys running (including ultra marathons), going to the gym and travelling.


(face to face or remote consultation)

£110 for 20 minutes (This is ideal for single acute problems)

£150 for 30 minutes (This is ideal for mental health, women’s health or complex symptoms)

£250 GP home visit

£150 – £200 Private medical (DVLA, fit to travel, employment)

Please phone if you’re not sure what to book or if your problem is urgent.

£320 Menopause packages (Includes a 30-minute initial consultation, a 10 minute follow up 4-6 weeks later and then a review around 3 months) More Information…

£180 Smears

£150 Implant fit or removal (for implant fits there is an additional charge for the implant of around £90)

£150 Coil fit (plus cost of coil)

£110 Coil removal

£320 Wellness Screening (20-minute appointment with GP to highlight your concerns, full blood screen and 20 minutes review appointment a week later to discuss results)

£240 Bowel cancer screening (20-minute appointment with GP, blood tests and stool tests)

More information…

£200 Shingles (2 doses needed)

£130 Chicken Pox

£80 pneumococcal

£40 Diphtheria/tetanus/polio

£60 Hepatitis A (2 doses needed)

£60 Hepatitis B (3 doses needed)

£30 Cholera (2 doses needed)

£20 Private prescriptions

£80 skin tag removal

£20 any additional skin tags during same appointment

£250/300 skin lesion removals- please email the practice to book. We remove lipomas, cysts, warts, seborrheic keratosis

£150-180 lab histology fees if required

£30 B12 injections

£50 stitch/staple removal

£50 ECG

£30 Blood taking

£900 for 3 months this includes all your GP appointments, nutritional support, blood tests and injectable medications.

More information…


GP consultations

£110 for 20 minutes Ideal for acute and single problems. Can be face to face or remote.
£150 for 30 minutes This is ideal for mental health, women’s health or complex symptoms or multiple problems.
£250 GP home visit 


£150 DVLA medicalsYou must bring a GP brief summary from your NHS GP
£150/200 other medicalsEmigration medicals, education medicals, travel medicals. We would advise emailing us to check we can carry these out.

Menopause packages


This is ideal for those wishing to seek treatment for their menopause including HRT. This includes a 30-minute initial appointment and then a 15 minute follow up at 6 weeks and 3 months.

More info…

Wellness screening


Ideal as a health screen and includes 2 GP appointments and blood screening (see FAQ for more information)

Skin Lesion removal

Skin tags £80 for one and £20 for all additional removed in the same appointment


Wart/sebaceous keratosis/cyst/lipoma removal £250/300


Histology £150-180

For some lesions histology is essential and will be discussed at your appointment

Bowel screening


GP assessment plus blood test plus stool test

Implant removal



Implant fit

£150 plus cost of implant


Coil removal



Coil fit

£150 plus cost of coil


B12 injections





£200 per vaccine

Course of 2; 8 weeks apart

Chicken pox

£65 per vaccine

Course of 2; 6 weeks apart




Travel Clinic Appointment



Travel vaccines

Diphtheria/tetanus/polio £40

Hepatitis A £60 (2 doses needed)

Hepatitis B £60 (3 doses needed)

Cholera £30 (2 doses needed)

Private prescriptions £20





Cervical smear



Stitch/staple removal



Blood tests

£30 (own forms/NHS forms)

Private blood tests range from £40 upwards with typical screens around £100


Repeat prescriptions



MRI scans

From £250


What does this include?

Your appointment fee covers the consultation time along with administrative tasks that might be a result of this (writing prescriptions, referral letters and sick notes).

Prescriptions written as part of a consultation are included but repeat prescriptions (for drugs previously prescribed by the clinic) will incur a £10 charge. The cost of the medication will be paid directly to your pharmacist and will depend on the drug cost and quantity issued.

More complex paperwork such as insurance forms may incur additional charges. Should a referral be made for further specialist opinions or radiological investigations then the fees for these will be paid directly to the service provider.

The cost of laboratory testing varies widely and would start at £100 upwards.

Cancellation policy

You may change or cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your appointment start time. This can be done by phoning the clinic on 07513 114235 and is liable to a £10 administrative charge.

Within 24 hours of your appointment, we operate a strict no refund policy for all appointments.


Your appointment fee covers the consultation time along with administrative tasks that might be a result of this (writing prescriptions, referral letters and sick notes). The cost of your medication along with a dispensing fee will be payable to your pharmacist.

The cost of laboratory testing varies widely and would start at £100 upwards.

Radiology is accessed through private providers and the cost of this service would need to be paid directly to them.

The standard GP consultation is 20 minutes- some consultations may take longer. Our standard menopause consultation is 30 minutes and it would be advisable to book a 30 minute appointment for mental health concerns or if you wish to deal with more then one issue during a consultation. If you’re not sure then please contact reception on 01489 347095

We can access all laboratory investigations at the clinic including blood tests, microbiology samples and histology. Should radiology investigations like X-rays or scans be required then we will refer you to our private providers. All laboratory investigations and scans will involve additional fees.

We are able to offer a travel vaccination service- see details in the services section.

We do our best to accommodate urgent appointments however in an emergency we would advise you contact 111 or, in a life-threatening emergency, 999.

If you have an urgent complaint then please phone the clinic to see if they can accommodate you in a same day slot.

For repeat of prescriptions previously issued by Coastal Private GP there will be a £15 administrative charge.

We would advise keeping your NHS GP. With your consent we would share all consultations and prescriptions.

Home visits may be available on request- the cost of these will be £250 (plus travelling time dependant on location).

We know what a challenging time the menopause can be for some women. With our specialist menopause package, you can be assured all your symptoms will be addressed. Our GPs can prescribe the full range of HRT including testosterone to balance your symptoms and let you carry on with your life. For more information about our menopause package please click here.

We do not have access to your NHS notes- in most cases this is not a problem but if you have complex symptoms, you might find it helpful to bring any consultant letters, medication lists or your NHS app with you.

We can make private referrals to all services and consultants. We are able to make emergency and cancer referrals on the NHS. Some routine NHS referrals do need to be sent through your NHS GP and these are submitted at their discretion. NHS investigations (blood tests and scans) are not available through private providers.  

We can do most DVLA medicals (taxi/HGV), emigration medicals, travel medicals. We are a MCA approved Doctor so we can complete ENG1 medicals. We cannot conduct dive medicals or shotgun license medicals. It is advisable to phone or email us with the forms to check they are suitable for our doctors before booking. DVLA medicals are directly bookable on the website.

Private prescriptions are payable directly to the pharmacy. Most medications cost around £10 but your doctor can advise you regarding higher cost medications. HRT can cost between £10 and £50 every 3 months. We encourage patients to access out local independent pharmacies, but we do have access to online postal pharmacies where that is more convenient.

We can assess all skin lesions for removal- typically we would remove benign (non-cancerous) growths which would include cysts, lipomas, warts and seborrheic keratosis. To streamline the process, we ask you email a photo of the lesion including size and location to and we can let you know if removal is possible. If you do not have access to email pop into reception and our team will be happy to help you.

A personalised and caring service...

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