(face to face or remote consultation)

£110 for 20 minutes (This is ideal for single acute problems)

£150 for 30 minutes (This is ideal for mental health, women’s health or complex symptoms)

£250 GP home visit

£150 – £200 Private medical (DVLA, fit to travel, employment)

Please phone if you’re not sure what to book or if your problem is urgent.

£320 Menopause packages (Includes a 30-minute initial consultation, a 10 minute follow up 4-6 weeks later and then a review around 3 months) More Information…

£180 Smears

£150 Implant fit or removal (for implant fits there is an additional charge for the implant of around £90)

£150 Coil fit (plus cost of coil)

£110 Coil removal

£320 Wellness Screening (20-minute appointment with GP to highlight your concerns, full blood screen and 20 minutes review appointment a week later to discuss results)

£240 Bowel cancer screening (20-minute appointment with GP, blood tests and stool tests)

More information…


Travel Clinic

Blood tests

Cervical smears

More information…

£900 for 3 months this includes all your GP appointments, nutritional support, blood tests and injectable medications.

More information…

£80 skin tag removal

£20 any additional skin tags during same appointment

£250/300 skin lesion removals- please email the practice to book. We remove lipomas, cysts, warts, seborrheic keratosis

£150-180 lab histology fees if required