Sometimes we only think about our health when we're not feeling well but it's much better to think about our health before we are ill.

So many conditions are preventable or treatable and getting in their early will keep you fit and well for as long as possible.

Maybe you’re feeling just not right, a bit tired, lacking in energy or have a mixed bag of symptoms that you just can’t work out. Or maybe a family member has had a health scare and it’s just made you think more about your health.

Our health and wellness screen contains carefully selected investigations to give you a solid understanding of your health. The screen has 2 steps to the process

  • a 20 minute appointment to gather the necessary information which includes blood tests, weight, blood pressure and urinalysis
  • once all the results are back (normally around a week) you’ll have a 20 minute appointment with your GP to talk through your concerns, your results and how you can move forward.

Knowing where you are in your health will give you the power to take control and make any changes you might need.


The blood screens have been carefully selected and include full blood count, liver and kidney function, cholesterol, diabetes check, bone profile, thyroid function, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, ferritin (iron), PSA in men.

We have hundreds of blood tests available to us so if you have a specific concern then let us know before the appointment so we can advise you about adding this on. We can also offer bowel screening, urine testing, swabs or smears so if you’re not sure just ask.

All results will be fully discussed with you- most abnormalities can be managed by us at Coastal Private GP but should more complex imaging or investigation be needed this could be accessed through our private contacts or with discussion with your NHS GP.

Our full wellness screening costs just £320 and includes all laboratory fees and 2x 20 minute GP appointments. The first is bookable online and the follow up will be scheduled with you after this.