GP consultations

£110 for 20 minutes  Ideal for acute and single problems. Can be face to face or remote.
£150 for 30 minutes  This is ideal for mental health, women’s health or complex symptoms or multiple problems.
£250 GP home visit  


£150 DVLA medicals You must bring a GP brief summary from your NHS GP
£150/200 other medicals Emigration medicals, education medicals, travel medicals. We would advise emailing us to check we can carry these out.

Menopause packages


This is ideal for those wishing to seek treatment for their menopause including HRT. This includes a 30-minute initial appointment and then a 15 minute follow up at 6 weeks and 3 months.

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Wellness screening


Ideal as a health screen and includes 2 GP appointments and blood screening (see FAQ for more information)

Skin Lesion removal

Skin tags £80 for one and £20 for all additional removed in the same appointment


Wart/sebaceous keratosis/cyst/lipoma removal £250/300

Please email a picture to  for a Dr to review before booking.

Histology £150-180

For some lesions histology is essential and will be discussed at your appointment

Bowel screening


GP assessment plus blood test plus stool test

Implant removal



Implant fit

£150 plus cost of implant


Coil removal



Coil fit

£150 plus cost of coil


B12 injections





£200 per vaccine

Course of 2; 8 weeks apart

Chicken pox

£65 per vaccine

Course of 2; 6 weeks apart




Travel Clinic Appointment



Travel vaccines

Diphtheria/tetanus/polio £40

Hepatitis A £60 (2 doses needed)

Hepatitis B £60 (3 doses needed)

Cholera £30 (2 doses needed)

Private prescriptions £20





Cervical smear



Stitch/staple removal



Blood tests

£40 (own forms/NHS forms)

Private blood tests range from £40 upwards with typical screens around £100


Repeat prescriptions



MRI scans

From £250


What does this include?

Your appointment fee covers the consultation time along with administrative tasks that might be a result of this (writing prescriptions, referral letters and sick notes).

Prescriptions written as part of a consultation are included but repeat prescriptions (for drugs previously prescribed by the clinic) will incur a £15 charge. The cost of the medication will be paid directly to your pharmacist and will depend on the drug cost and quantity issued.

More complex paperwork such as insurance forms may incur additional charges. Should a referral be made for further specialist opinions or radiological investigations then the fees for these will be paid directly to the service provider.

The cost of laboratory testing varies widely and would start at £100 upwards.

Cancellation policy

You may change or cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your appointment start time. This can be done by phoning the clinic on 01489 347095. 

Within 24 hours of your appointment, we operate a strict no refund policy for all appointments.